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ANy flash experts free?

2007-09-04 13:57:32 by classicblue

I have some awesome scene ideas and was wandering if there are any flash artists out there who are free and willing to do one for me. You will get all the credit I would just love to see my ideas in action. I am merely an audio guy and I would like to try but I never used flash in my life. Again this is for anyonwe who is free and willing. Thanks^_^

ANy flash experts free?

Give me a chance

2007-08-30 14:33:44 by classicblue

I know my stuff isn't excelent but don't give it a friggin 1 or 2 just becuase it's a higher rating then yours and you want to keep that spot with noe chances of me coming back. Listen to the whole song and if you don't like it atleast let me know why. If not then this is the only concusion I can come up with. Not once have I put someone down just becuase they are at a higher rank then me. I listen to their entire song and then I see why it's better so I give them props. I have full respect for everyone here all I ask is for alittle bit in return. If anything tell me what it is about my song that sucks. It will help me out.

Just want to take time to thank everyone who stopps by and listens to my songs. This is just a hobby of mine I don't really plan to do anything serious with it but if it happens then I will be all for it. Thanks again to those taking the time to listen to my songs leave a review and let me know what you think^_^.

Thanks to all you listeners^_^