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ANy flash experts free?

2007-09-04 13:57:32 by classicblue

I have some awesome scene ideas and was wandering if there are any flash artists out there who are free and willing to do one for me. You will get all the credit I would just love to see my ideas in action. I am merely an audio guy and I would like to try but I never used flash in my life. Again this is for anyonwe who is free and willing. Thanks^_^

ANy flash experts free?


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2007-09-04 15:11:49

i might be, im not currently working on anything, except for my site.


2007-09-04 16:14:11

Yeah well im a expert but still im workin on my site But yeah i dunno i might be able to later i dunno im workin on a game i dunno really when i can but Yeah reply or pm me kk?


2007-09-04 16:14:48

I just dont post them on NG for some reason


2009-01-20 16:56:30

i tried to get sum1 to do this 4 me. dont ask people to make flashes


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